This Mahaganpati is located at Shivaji Chowk, a cetral place of Kolhapur. The organization committee which is “Shivaji Chowk Tarun Mandal” is been organizing various function every year at the time of Ganesh chaturthi since 1981. Everyear, someone from the devoters come forward and donate the primary idol and these donations are booked upto 2031. This Festival costs more than 10 Lakh Rupees and this fund is raised by donations of the committee members and other devotees.

Another speciality of this Mahaganpati (Lord Ganesha) is that it is “Navsala Pavnara Mahaganpati” and the idol comprises jeweler of more than 150 Kg Silver and 25 Kg Tolas of Gold. The crown is of more than 25 Kg Silver, the Ears are of 5 Kg Silver each & the necklaces are of more than 10 Kg Silver. Due to this the beauty of the Ganpati touches the Sky. Large numbers of devotters give cash donations and the Coconuts are given offerings which by the end are totals upto 8 Trucks ,of Coconuts(1 Lakh)